VoIP Means Telephone Through the Internet

VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) is telephone service over a broadband Internet connection. This alternative to land-line based telephone companies is completely compatible with the WOW service.

Once you have our Internet service, there are many VoIP companies to choose from to activate a broadband phone connection. We can provide this service to you or you can use a separate provider for this telephone service.

Some benefits include:

  • Lower your telephone bills
  • Take your telephone line with you
  • Keep your current telephone number
  • Eliminate your long distance bill

By choosing WOW for your telephone service we will give you one total bill. The VoIP charge will just be a small additional fee onto your Internet Service. It is an ideal way to lower your monthly bills. And now with Streaming content providers you can use SLING or many other services to literally disconnect from the large multinational carriers. You can get better service and less expensive service going ALL Internet.

WOW saved me a lot of Money
Colville Customer
I need to keep a land line at my house. But the national providers were charging me up to $54 extra a month for the added service. When I switched to WOW's VoIP, my telephone bill went down to $10 a month. I saved $44 a month or $528 a year. Thank you WOW! I love my new service and I appreciate the fact they knew how to help me save money.

We would love to help you calculate the savings your home or business could enjoy.

Please call us at 866-969-8351 for more details or fill out a contact form here.